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Why is Play Important for Dogs?

There are a number of reasons why it is beneficial to play with your dog. By nature dogs are social pack animals and as such enjoy the company and interactions with other dog and people. In the past dogs were bred for specific roles and would get their mental and physical stimulation from performing those roles in their everyday lives with man. In recent times, the majority of dogs are living as pets and have no job to do. Dogs are intelligent creatures and therefore can easily get bored, resulting in very undesirable, destructive behaviour.

why-is-play-important-for-dogs-3One of the joys and reasons why we have dogs as pets is for the companionship and unconditional love they provide us. To build a strong bond with our dog, we need to accommodate all of their needs and this includes mental and physical stimulation. By building a bond with our dog we are able to more effectively train them and are able to build up trust. By interacting with your dog, they will begin to see you as a source of fun and enjoyment, and will often be waiting close to us for the next interesting thing to happen.

There are a number of natural games that dogs will play, including chase, possession and tugging. This can often be seen if dogs are playing with each other. Quite often they will chase each other, or pick up an object and run with it, trying to keep possession of the object. These types of games are great if your dog regularly meets other friendly dogs and gets the opportunity to engage in this sort of play. However, it is not always appropriate for our dogs to engage in these games inside the house.

Man playing with dog in park, close-up

There are so many different toys available that you could buy for your dog, that sometimes it is difficult to know what would be most suitable and is strong enough to last. It is disappointing when your dog destroys that new cute toy you just brought home, not to mention very bad value for money. Therefore if your dog is a more powerful chewer, you would save more money in the long run by purchasing durable dog toys. With today’s dog owners demanding more indestructible toys for their dogs, this has spurred the online pet supplies companies to search and make available the most durable toys they can find.

why-is-play-important-for-dogs-2It is important to provide a selection of interesting toys for your dog. This will teach them what is appropriate to play with or chew. It is good to have some toys always available and rotate these on a regular basis to keep the toys interesting to your dog for longer.  Every now and then you should introduce new toys to further keep the toy selection fresh and keep your dog interested. Also, keep a couple of special toys, that you keep hidden away and only get out on occasions, to initiate play with your dog.

Every dog breed has some innate breed traits, which dictate the games they are likely to find most stimulating. You can research your dog’s breed to gain more of an insight into what these are for your dog. Some dogs have a high prey drive, like to retrieve objects or excel in sniffing, to name a few. For example a Labrador retriever has strong instincts to fetch and retrieve; therefore a ball would be a great toy. There are a number of different dog balls that you could buy for your dog. These can range from hard or soft to highly durable or even erratic textures that provide random bounces. Always be sure to buy the correct size ball for your dog so they toy doesn’t risk being a choking hazard.

Bringing Home your First Dog or Puppy

Whether you are bringing home a new puppy or embracing an older canine from an animal shelter, the enjoyment is still the exact same. There is so much delight in bringing your new dog or puppy home for the first time. This ball of fur will become a vital member of your household and as such is entitled to a smooth transition into your home. Lots of people, especially new dog owners, frequently ignore exactly what has to be done prior to them bringing their new pet dog home. There are some essential things you need to buy before your new pup or dog arrives.

your-new-dog-or-puppyUndoubtedly you desire to make sure you have pet dog food on hand prior to you bring your new puppy home. There are numerous dog foods on the market today that it can be confusing for a brand-new owner. A puppy will benefit from a puppy specific food. There are some breed specific foods available also, that vary slightly focusing on the most important nutrients your breeds needs.

Food and Water Bowls
Make sure you buy at least two bowls for food and water. If your puppy will be spending a great quantity of time in your fenced lawn it would be beneficial to have a third water bowl outside. Also consider buying a water bowl that attaches to the crate if you plan to crate train your puppy. All pets require access to water at all times.

Collar and Lead
bringing-new-puppy-homeSee to it you buy the proper size canine collar and leash prior to you bringing your new pup home. Just as with people, exercise is a crucial part of a dog’s life. Walking your pet ought to be a daily occurrence therefore you will need an appropriate collar and leash. There are so numerous distinct, charming collars to choose from that you can be certain to discover a collar that fits you and your canine’s character!

ID Tag
One of the first things you need to do is connect an ID tag to your dog’s collar. It should have your address and a telephone number in case your pet gets lost.

This is more for puppies than for the older dog who is already house trained. Crate training is vital in getting your dog house trained quickly and in a prompt manner. Crates are likewise good for keeping your puppy out of trouble.

If you don’t offer your pup with an excellent bed of its own, it will generally find a way to develop its own den, normally at the expense of your sofa or favourite chair! You’ll be able to find huge canine beds, little pet dog beds and designer pet beds online or in your pet shop. Pet dogs tend to sleep about 12-16 hours per day, so make sure you invest in an excellent quality bed.

Canines require excitement in their lives. Dog toys are a great way to bond with your new pup.

Training Treats
prepare-your-house-before-your-puppy-arrivesUse all natural dog treats, or organic treats, when training your new puppy and as a tool for creating for excellent habits. Some pets have allergies, in which case you can buy wheat free dog treats.

Grooming Equipment
If your dog has long hair or if it is a breed that needs regular grooming, see to it you purchase a pet brush, slicker or dog comb and nail clippers. Even if you will be getting your pup groomed by an expert, you will still need to keep their hair in-between grooming consultations. If you do not keep your dog knot free they will more than most likely get matted which can lead to your dog needing their hair to be  shaved very short.

All natural pet shampoo or organic fur shampoo that is made specifically for pets is the very best. If your brand-new pup suffers from itchy skin, you will even discover hair shampoo for allergies.


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